Criminal Law Advice

Domestic Violence

To sustain any domestic charge, the police or charging agency must demonstrate a domestic relationship exists between the alleged victim and alleged offender.   Under most Domestic statutes the following relationships qualify:

  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Former spouses
  • Adults related by blood or marriage
  • Adults living together or who have lived together within the past three years
  • People having common children
  • In a significant dating relationship within the past year, as determined by the court

There are enhanced penalties if one is convicted of violating a domestic law in Rhode Island.  One will be required to attend a batterers intervention class and could face enhanced fines.  Second and Third offenses carry jail time.


statutes governing the possession use of firearms is called the “Firearms Act” and can be found in the Rhode Island General Laws Chapter 11, Section 47.


In most states one may own a firearm without a license or special permit and carry such firearms to and from the home or place of business to a bona fide target range. Most states have strict laws surrounding the carrying and use of firearms. Call right away if you’ve been arrested and charged with a firearms violation.